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This page contains maps & directions to get people around Wichita Falls & to the different locations for our Wedding weekend. I will add more maps & directions as I can.

Flying in to the Area:
There are four choices for airports to fly into. Dallas/Fort Worth and Oklohoma City are probably the two best choices. They are both about 2 hours away from Wichita Falls. OKC is usually a little cheaper, but often times requires you to actually transfer planes at DFW to get there. Lawton, OK (LAW) is about an hour north of Wichita Falls, but is more expensive, and requires you to transfer at another airport (usually DFW) to get there. Wichita Falls has its own airport, Shepherd Air Force Base/Wichita Falls Municipal (SPS), but it's the most expensive. Directions to Wichita Falls from DFW and OKC are included below. If anybody decides to fly into one of the other airports, e-mail Jeff or Irma for directions.

Directions from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport:
Take the north exit out of the airport. Get onto TX 114 West. Take that for around 30 miles, where it will merge onto US 287 North. Take 287 another 90 miles until you get to Wichita Falls. Once you get to Wichita, 287 changes into I44

Most of the hotels are around Maurine St. Just stay on 287/44 until you get to the Maurine St. exit. Most of the hotels are on the opposite side of the freeway, so you will have to go under the overpass, and turn left back onto the service road to get to the hotels.

Directions from Oklahoma City Airport:
Take I-44 West towards Lawton. Take the highway all the way to Wichita Falls, about 130 miles. Once you get close to Wichita Falls, it will merge with US 287. Most of the hotels are around Maurine St. Just take the Maurine St. exit, almost as soon as you merge with 287, and all the hotels will be right there on the service road.

Main Map:
Main Map
Printable Map

La Quinta Hotel: (near other hotels)
La Quinta Map

First United Methodist Church:
Church Map

The Wichita Club:
Wichita Club Map

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