I don't consider myself a photographer, but I've been to some pretty scenic places. So, here's a collection of pictures from my travels. Way back when I started this site, I could say that all the pictures were mine, but now my wife and daughter contribute, as well, and I have to admit that their photos usually turn out better than mine.

Cozumel Photos Bonaire
(2016, 175 pics)
  Cozumel Photos Cozumel
(2003, 22 pics)
Europe Photos I
Europe I
(ca. 1993, 28 pics)
  Europe Photos II Europe II
(2001, 65 pics)
Florida Photos Florida
(2008, 27 pics)
  French Polynesia Photos French Polynesia
(2004, 72 pics)
Galveston, Houston, & Natural Bridge Caverns Photos Galveston, Houston, & Natural Bridge Caverns
(2007, 30 pics)
  Guatemala 2005 Mission Trip Photos Guatemala I
(2005, 39 pics)
Guatemala 2006 Mission Trip Photos Guatemala II
(2006, 38 pics)
  Hawaii 2012 Vacation Photos Hawaii
(2012, 81 pics, 5 videos)
Mexico Photos
(2015, 103 pics)
  Midwest Photos
Midwest U.S.
(1996, 13 pics)
Miscellaneous Photos Misc
(6 pics)
  Philmont Photos Philmont
(1994, 19 pics)
Wedding Photos Washington, D.C. & Maryland
(2009, 95 pics)
  Wedding Photos Wedding
(2004, 73 pics)


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