Beer Margaritas

A few years ago, my wife came up with a fantastic margarita recipe, which we began referring to as the Irmarita. While that's still my favorite tasting margarita recipe, it takes a bit of time to mix up and blend. So, after her first taste of a beer margarita, or beerita, my wife developed her own version. It's very quick and easy to make, and still tastes better than using a margarita mix.



Quoted directly from Irma:

"Take one can limeade and empty into a large pitcher, fill empty can of limeade with tequila and also empty into pitcher. I stir this together to get the frozen limeade separated (unfrozen). SLOWLY add the 2 cans of sprite, SLOWLY add the 2 bottles of Corona then stir GENTLY to mix. If you add too fast or stir to fast, it WILL foam up and you have very little time to save the spillage to avoid alcohol abuse!

"Serve to 5-10 friends and enjoy. I personally prefer to have just a couple of friends since this will allow more servings for me!

"Repeat pitchers as necessary. May change out friends."

Obviously, this margarita tastes good on the rocks. If you don't have Corona, any similar beer will work. We've used Sol many times.