Potato Salad Recipe

My parents came up with this recipe one day when they were making some potato salad, and when out into the garden in the backyard to see what fresh herbs they had to throw into it. When I first made it for my wife (while we were still dating), she loved it. She made it for a luncheon she was having, and everybody there loved it. At her next luncheon, a lady showed up who wasn't at the previous one, and said that she couldn't wait to try the potato salad, because she'd heard so much about it from one of the other ladies. So for such a simple, easy to make recipe, it's quite good, and has a good reputation.

I've done my best to give good measurements for the ingredients below, but I've never measured anything out when making this - it's potato salad, for crying out loud. Adjust it based on your tastes, and on your ingredients (like maybe only use a quarter of an onion, if it's particularly spicy, or a whole onion if it's mild). You can also adjust the cooking time on the potatoes, depending on what you like. My wife and I actually cook them longer than my parents do - it makes it a little softer which we like, but my parents think it makes them to "mushy."

Potato Salad Directions