Great Grandma's Shoo-Fly Recipe

Here is my great-grandmother's recipe for shoo-fly pie. It's a Pennsylvania Dutch dessert made with molasses, with a delicious gooey bottom and a crumb topping. I grew up eating store bought shoo-fly pie all the time, but you just can't find it even a couple hours outside of the Pennsylvania Dutch region. So, if I want it now, I have to make my own. According to the hand-written recipe card, Grandma's brand molasses was the best.

My grandmother's recipe is actually a little drier and with a stonger molasses flavor than what I prefer, though opinion within the rest of the family is split. I have another recipe which is the one I actually use when I make shoo-fly pie myself:
Shoo-Fly Pie Recipe II

Shoo-Fly Pie Recipe