Operation Royal Flush

These photos are courtesy of Gary Mohr and Bob Green. The two of them participated in operation Royal Flush, which had about 100 RB-66B, RB-66C, and B-66B aircraft. The aircraft were based out of England, France, and Morocco, and were used for photo and electronic reconaissance. They comprised the 10th Tac Recon Wing. One of the planes was shot down in March of 1964, which is the subject of a magazine article below.

I started this page several years ago, after receiving the photos from Gary Mohr and Bob Green over e-mail. When I did a search on the Internet to try and find a little more about this operation, I could not find a single thing. So, I figured I would take the photos they had sent me, and put together a web page. Since then, I lost the account the original page was on, and several of the pictures along with it. But also since that time, a private web page was started for people interested in Operation Royal Flush. So, if you want even more and better information than what I have, send me an e-mail, and I'll put you in touch with someone who can get you on that private site.

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Royal Flush Aircraft Photos
Film being unloaded from an RB-66 B-66 Taking Off B-66 Taking Off B-66

Reconaissance Photos
Aerial Photo Aerial Photo Aerial Photo

Articles about Royal Flush
Newsweek article about an RB-66b being shot down
Article about Royal Flush V crew winning a competition
Article about the competition and Royal Flush operations
Article concerning the future of Alconbury airfield

Royal Flush Patches
10th TRW Patch Royal Flush IV Patch Royal Flush VII Patch Royal Flush VIII Patch

More B-66 Images
These images are also courtesy of Gary Mohr and Bob Green. However, these photos are not of aircraft associated with Operation Royal Flush.
B-66 B-66 B-66 refueling B-66 refueling B-66 Cutaway View

Thumbnails Only
I lost all the full size versions of these pictures, but here are the thumbnails. If you recognize any, I wouldn't mind if you sent me a copy.
RB-66B landing at RAF Alconbury, UK RB-66B at RAF Alconbury, UK C-124 loading for Royal Flush Aircraft at Ramstein AFB Aircraft at Ramstein AFB A B-66 ahead of some F-4's dropping bombs EB-66 EB-66's EB-66's refueling Magazine advertisement for the Douglass B-66

If anybody has any more Royal Flush info that they would like to send me, please feel free to e-mail it to me. I would like to include it on this site when I get the time.