My Soapbox

Everybody's got their opinions. I'm no different- I just happen to have my own website where I can share them with the entire world. So, here's a collection of essays (some bordering on rants) that express my opinions on several subjects. These essays are all fairly old, as I now have a blog where I write these types of essays.

There are more organized/professional/researched/constructive essays on the Essays section of the site. The blog also has some well thought out essays.

7 Nov. 2005   Ode to Computers
2 Nov. 2005   Fed Up with American Public & Religious Fundamentalism, Part II
26 October 2005   Legalizing Homosexual Marriage, Part II
15 August 2005   Fed Up with American Public & Religious Fundamentalism
14 Dec. 2004   Evolution (Why Won't People Accept It?)
15 Sept. 2004   Grammar Police (And Why I Don't Like Them)
2 April 2004   Legality of Homosexualy Marriage (why it should be legal)
10 March 2004   E-mails and Misinformation, Part II
31 January 2004   E-mails and Misinformation
14 January 2004   Squeamish People & the Morality of Wasting Animals