Here are some programs I wrote for the TI-85 calculator (with the exception of the Prime Factorization Program, which I copied). They're saved in .85p format. To view this format, you need Texas Instrument's Graph Link software for either Windows or Mac. The programs are saved as .zip's, so you'll need to unzip them before you can use them. If you want to know anything else about TI-85 calculators, or if you want more programs, go to TICALC.ORG.

Useful Programs
factor.zip Prime Factorization Program: This program will give a prime factorization of any number.
flight_computer.zip Flight Computer: This is a fully functioning flight computer for the calculator. (Instructions) 1, 2, 3
prime.zip Prime Number Generator: This program creates a list of prime numbers.
quad.zip Quadratic Formula: This program solves a quadratic equation of the form ax + bx + c = 0
tdg20.zip 3-D Graph 2.0: This is the newest version of my three dimensional graphing program. In addition to graphing the function z(x,y), it also does parametric graphs of the form x(t), y(t), z(t). 1, 2, 3

aceedusy.zip Acee Dusy: A simple game of acee dusy, also known as high/low. 1, 2
black_jack.zip Black Jack: Just what it says. 1, 2
clearmem.zip Fake Memory Clearer: A program that makes it look like you're clearing your memory.
clock.zip Clock: An analog clock that runs on your calculator. (This program requires a link cable to copy a picture.) 1
mine_sweeper.zip Mine Sweeper: Just like the Windows Mine Sweeper game. 1
missile.zip Missile Game: Enter the angle and velocity to hit the target. Similar to Scorched Earth. 1
mystic.zip Mystic: similar to the Windows 3.1 mystify screen saver 1, 2
paint.zip Paint: makes it look like paint is dripping down the screen. 1
timer.zip Timer: A program that keeps time in hours: minutes: seconds.


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