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Welcome to Jeff and Irma's wedding site. We're trying to put up all of the important wedding information here, so people will have one place to find everything, and won't have to go looking for it, or wait for one of us to reply to you. Use the menus on the left to navigate to different wedding topics. Take a look below for some general wedding information, or at the bottom of this page for news and updates.

Engagement Photo I Engagement Photo II

For those of you that want to see more pictures of Irma, Jeff, and Alex, go to this page on the main site, which links to camera phone photos of the three of them: Family Photos Acutally, they're mostly pictures of Alex, but there are a few of Jeff and Irma, too.

Wedding & Honeymoon Photos
The following are links to photo albums on my main site. If you want to get back to the wedding site, use your browser's back button.

Wedding Photos
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French Polynesia Photos
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If you want to RSVP by e-mail instead of postal mail, send an e-mail to Jeff or Irma.

Wedding Info:
Groom: Jeffrey R. Lewis
Bride: Irma Rodriguez
Date: June 5th, 2004
Time: 5 o'clock in the evening
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
Church: First United Methodist
Reception will be held at the Wichita Club

Wedding Party:
Best Man: Rick Nelson
Maid of Honor: Kim Pooler
Matron of Honor: Christina Teruel

Rick Bialczak
Chris Frazier
Jim Lewis
John Lewis
John Zuna

Bride's Maids:
Rosa Arenivas
Maria "Coco" Escareno
Blanca Harris
Regina Jones

Latest News & Updates:
1 July 2004
Well, the wedding's all over. We've been married almost a month now. Even though I don't think this page will get much traffic anymore, I'm going to keep it up, so that I can come back and look at it nostalgically in the future. The only two things on the page that will be different on this site from the day I got married are this update, and a photos section on this page. I figured a few people might still come here looking for wedding information, so I put links to the wedding and honeymoon photos right on this page. Actually, the wedding photos aren't up yet at the time I'm writing this update, but since I don't want to make another update, I'm mentioning it now. The links will take you to the main site, leaving the wedding site, so if you want to get back to this site, you'll have to use your browser's back button. Anyway, thanks to everyone who came to the wedding or sent us something even though they couldn't make it. We really appreciate case loopkontakt

20 May 2004
I added the option to RSVP by e-mail to this page.

3 May 2004
I added photos of Irma, Alex, and me right on this page. I also added photos of the Wichita Club to the Reception page.

29 April 2004
Lots of news for today. We've finished up our registries, so it's safe to shop for us now. A few weeks ago, we added hotel information to the Lodging page. Also a few weeks ago, we added directions to the Maps & Directions page, telling how to get from DFW airport to Wichita Falls. This week on the Maps & Directions page, we added directions from Oklahoma City airport to Wichita Falls, and made a map showing most of Wichita Falls, with stars on the important locations for people traveling in to the wedding. We made a short introduction at the top of this page, and added a link to photos of Jeff, Irma, and Alex. On the Reception page, there is now a menu for the dinner.

24 February 2004
I've replaced the picture of the church interior with two newer pictures that were taken after the organ was installed. Go to the church page to view them.

9 February 2004
This page is where I'm going to keep information about the wedding, so I can refer people here instead of answering the same questions 200 times. New information will be added as we decide what we're going to do.

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