Abstract I Abstract Series I
Abstract II Abstract Series II
2-Place Personal Air Vehicle Technical Drawing
Sphere POV-Ray
Self Portrait I Self Portraits

I like to sketch and doodle and play around with graphics. I know I'm not the best artist (which I get reminded of even at home by my own daughter), but I'm not the worst, either. And since this is a personal website, I get to share my hobbies with the world. If I ever get the motivation, I may share some more in the future. To see the full size pictures, click on the thumbnails.

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Abstract Series I

This series used a program I wrote in Q-Basic, combined with a screen capture utility and post-processing with IrfanView. It was done in 1999 (during lunch breaks when I had my co-op with Lockheed Martin). Note that even though the thumbnails may look the same for each group of three, the full size pictures are different.

Abstract 1 Abstract 1-B Abstract 1-C
Abstract 2 Abstract 2-B Abstract 2-C
Abstract 3 Abstract 3-B Abstract 3-C

Abstract Series II

This series used a program I wrote in Visual Basic. Basically, it creates circular gradients about points, and overlays all these gradients to generate the patterns. You can go to my downloads page to download this program, or go to my programming page to download the source code of the program (the program uses the Brightness Demo 2005 by Tanner "DemonSpectre" Helland as the method to display the graphics, while the actual creation of the pattern is my original code). This series was made in 2006.

Circle Gradient Pattern 16 Circle Gradient Pattern 15 Circle Gradient Pattern 1 Circle Gradient Pattern 2 Circle Gradient Pattern 3
Circle Gradient Pattern 4 Circle Gradient Pattern 5 Circle Gradient Pattern 7 Circle Gradient Pattern 8 Circle Gradient Pattern 9
Circle Gradient Pattern 10 Circle Gradient Pattern 11 Circle Gradient Pattern 12 Circle Gradient Pattern 13 Circle Gradient Pattern 14


Animation 1 QuickTime
Animation 2 QuickTime

Technical Drawing

Does this really count as art? Some would probably say yes, while others would disagree. But I figured, what the hell, I'll put it on here, anyway. Note that while I did do a lot of the modeling on these, they were all collaborations with coworkers. These were modeled using Solidworks, over a period from around 2002 to 2005.

2-Place Personal Air Vehicle 4-Place Personal Air Vehicle 6-Place Business Aircraft
Medium Size Heliplane Medium Size Heliplane Large Heliplane
2+2 Personal Air Vehicle



These pictures were all done using POV-Ray, over a period from around 1994 to 1998 (my high school & early college days). This was my first foray into 3D computer graphics. The pictures look so primitive due to a combination of my limited skill level at the time, and the limitations of computer hardware back then. That second image, 'Multiple Street Lamps', took 17 hours to render on a 386. All work is mine with two exceptions. The first picture is only a slight deviation from a practice exercise in the POV-Ray instructions. And the image map for the stereogram came with the book "Create Stereograms on Your PC", by Dan Richardson, published by the Waite Group. The stereogram also made use of a stereogram generation program that came with that book. More of my early experimentation is available at Rough & Unfinished POV-Ray Work. Work from good raytracing artists is available at the Internet Ray Tracing Competition.

Bumpy Sphere Illuminated by Spotlight Multiple Street Lamps Mouse Head
Stereogram of Mouse Head Green Head Floating on Water Biplane


I always thought doing self-portraits was interesting, the way it makes you stare at and study your own face. Once you start to study it that way, it's almost like you're looking at a different person. Here are two sets of self-portraits. The first I sketched back in high school, in the fall of 1994. The second is an attempt at a self-sculpture from 2004. If you squint the right way, there is some resemblance to the real me.

Self Portrait I Self Portrait II
Sculptural Self Portrait I Sculptural Self Portrait II