This is a paper I wrote for one of my classes. It explains how autogyros work, gives a brief history of the machine, attempts to explain why they were not as successful as other aircraft, and describes where autogyros stand today.

Aviation Image Archive
Here is a collection of pictures of different aircraft.

Aviation Theory
From the explaining the basics of flight in ordinary language to a technical derivation of the theoretical maximum limit of a propeller, this section contains a collection of essays I've written on aviation theory. I highly recommend it.

Flight Computer
This is a flight computer I programmed for the TI-85 calculator. It can store information about an aircraft, trip information, and wind information. It can caclulate information about the trip, such as time enroute, airspeed, wind correction angle, as well as the cross wind component.

My Experiences
Here is an essay on my experiences learning to fly.

This is the aircraft I share with my great uncle, an Ercoupe built in 1946.

Operation Royal Flush
Here are some information and pictures about Operation Royal Flush, a U.S. reconaissance operation from the 1960's. Information is courtesy of Gary Mohr and Bob Green.

Post-It Note Glider
Here's a glider folded from a Post-It Note. I think this one flies a bit better than the one below. It's also the one that was included in the book, Post-It Notes: Ideas That Stick!

Origami Glider
Origami glider, paper airplane, call it what you want. Here are directions to fold up a piece of paper so that it glides rather well.

SAE AeroDesign© East 2001
In my senior year of college, I participated in a design competition sponsored by SAE to design a remote control aircraft capable of carrying as much weight as possible. This page has some pictures of our aircraft and the paper we submitted for the competition.

X-Plane, UDP, and Visual Basic
Here is a tutorial on using Visual Basic to write a program to interact with the popular flight simulator, X-Plane.

X-Plane as an Engineering Tool
This is a short article on how I use the X-Plane flight simulator as an engineering tool.